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Steve Earle (USA) - Runrig (SCO) - Oysterband (UK) 
Alan Doyle Band
(CAN) - The Lone Bellow (USA)
Deer Tick (USA) - Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul (USA)
Le Vent du Nord (CAN)- The Stray Birds (USA)
Seth Lakeman (ENG) - Skerryvore (SCO) - Lynched (IRL)
Julie Fowlis (SCO) - We Banjo 3 (IRL) - Chuck Brodsky (USA)
Hayes Carll (USA) -The Outside Track (CAN/SCO/IRL)
Folkeklubben (DK) - Eivør (FO) - John Fullbright (USA)
John McCusker, John Doyle, Michael McGoldrick (SCO/US/GB)

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Click the link to see the 70 min. broadcast from the 2013 festival.


INFO (18. February 2014)
An important announcement for the Millstream customers!

Please note that Millstream LLC will shortly stop operating as an independent business. The majority of business activities will continue in the name of the Tønder Festival Foundation, albeit with minor changes.

Our customers will still be able to access quality folk music in the form of CDs, LPs, DVDs shipped straight from Tønder Festival Headquarters. However, please note that within the spring of 2014 the physical Millstream shop will cease to exist, and ordering our music will only be possible via our website, (exact date tba.).

We are pleased to inform you that the sale of CDs etc, signing sessions, and other activities will still be available during the Tønder Festival, where the Millstream team of volunteers are looking forward to sharing their music know-how and expertise with you. They are looking forward to help audience and customers to make their music choice(s) from within Millstream's wide range of 'hand-made music'.

Thank you for your continued support of Millstream and specialist folk music via our internet service at!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

-  Anni Lehmann  -

 Click the links for 2013 photos....

  Madeleine Glindorf  Jens TH

  Michael Weilandt   Matthias Fichtner 

Tønder Festival at a Glance
The first Tønder Festival was held in 1975. Like all festivals, it was started by a bunch of enthusiastic young people who wanted to share their musical tastes with others, and who had the courage and the will to set up an annual festival. Tønder at that time was home to Scandinavia's oldest teacher-training institution, whose students were an extremely active part of the the town?s cultural life. The decision to launch the first festival was inspired by the success of two three-day folk music events in June and September 1974.

Since then Tønder Festival has grown and matured, now enjoying its status as one of Europe's most respected folk and roots music festivals, both from an audience and from a performer viewpoint. The music is international folk and roots from Ireland, Scotland, England, USA, Canada and Scandinavia, among others. The music programme is of the highest calibre, and the Tønder Festival atmosphere and ambience are legendary. Tønder Festival has also an enviable reputation for top class organisation.

Tønder Festival sticks to its original musical concept. There is plenty of room for experiment, and the festival keeps abreast of developments in the music. At no time has the original musical framework been prejudiced. At no time has there been a slackening of quality in the content of the music programme. Achieving that delicate balance between renewal, continuity and comfortable familiarity has proved essential for musicians, audience and festival staff alike. Tønder Festival has accepted its responsibility to encourage and foster the young generation of folk musicians. They appear on stage at Tønder Festival, and they participate in the workshops, masterclasses and sharing sessions the festival offers. We have brought many unknown young talents to Tønder Festival. Sending them off again with renewed self confidence, Tønder Festival is rewarded when they later return to play for us.


Contact info:
Tønder Festival, Vestergade 80,
6270 Tønder, Denmark
Tlf. 0045 74 72 4610 - Fax. 0045 74 72 01 23

- Location: Tønder is a small town (population 12.500) - based
  westcoast mainland Jylland, 5 km from the German Border.
- Tønder Festival always takes place on the last full weekend in August.
- Tønder Festival is organised and run by Tønder Festival Foundation
  and Tønder Festival Association.
- Tønder Festival office has 4 full-time employees in administration
  and music booking.
- Tønder Festival is managed by a board and a volunteer body of 
  around 2000.

In 2012 the Festival concept was changed from concerttickets to a combination of wristband and concerttickets. This change was the first step of several in a proces which, in first place, will last until 2015.

Until then
- there was, on the nine stages, presented 28 concerts in all.
- Tickets were sold for single events. Concert venues range in
  capacity from 180 to 2200 seats. Some venues have both seats
  and standing room. The two biggest venues, marquees, are on the
  festival site, the rest spread out over the town of Tønder.
- sold about 23,000 concert tickets every year.

After the changes
- The Festival sells wristband for the Festivalsite, and Concerttickets
  for the tree remaining venues, were there is a limited numbers of seats.
- There will be free entrence for the venues at the Festivalsite.

- Tønder Festival Foundation runs the daughter company Millstream
   Records, a unique net-based music shop, specialising in selling
   folk and roots music from the whole world.
- Tønder Festival's Friends is a company that runs the music
   venue Hagge's Music Pub, where there are folk and roots concerts
   all year.
- We are happy to announce that H.R.H. Princess Marie in 2009
   has become Patron of The Tønder Festival.

H.R.H. Princess Marie in good company with The Guthrie Family in the
Belgian Spiegeltent - one of the new venues on the festival site in 2102.

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